It is safe to say that you are prepared to stoop before your doggo?

In such a case that not, your King may pursue you and cuddle you to death. That is absolutely a genuine thing, and I’ve witnessed it. Anyway, do you love dogs and Game Of Thrones? Indeed, consider the possibility that those two things were combined.

(Spoiler Alert) Did you cry wildly when the dire wolves died and did not shed a solitary tear at all the humans who died? All things considered, you are in the ideal spot! Since these doggos love Game Of Thrones as much as you and are showing their adoration by sprucing up in different ensembles from Game Of Thrones.

So look on beneath and investigate the Game Of Bones. Who will succeed

All Images Credit Instagram

#1 Now this is what I call a throne.

#2 Who needs a warm cape when you’ve got that much fur?

#3 The most adorable mother of dragons I’ve ever seen.

#4 This doggo’s future might not be as bad.

#5 Where are her dragons though?

#6 A very chewable throne indeed.

#7 You know nothing, Jon Snow.

#8 Who will take the crown?

#9 The one who is behind the scenes.

#10 I understand the oath, but this dog has abundant glory already.

#11 Now this is a house I’d like to pledge to.

#12 I’m honestly left without words.

#13 A dog has many faces.

#14  The true heir to the iron throne revealed!

#15 Oh. My. Dog. This is the best thing I’ve ever seeeen!!!! DRACARYS!!!!!


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