Guy Creates Horror Comics With Unexpected Endings (18 Pics)


So turn the lights up and invite a friend – because it’s about to get spooky.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said he has always enjoyed reading but only started writing when he was 19. And it wasn’t long before his works were published. “I was lucky to have my novels published by several publishers that we’re searching for young writers,” said Edd. “Since then, I’ve made writing my living, constantly pursuing this profession. I was also commissioned to write several screenplays for movies.


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The artist says he enjoys not only tell stories through words but through pictures as well.


Through my comics, I try to explore the different facades of humanity, highlighting our perception of the world, described his comics Edd. “We tend to label everything we know, but there’s often a difference between the way a thing looks and the way it is underneath its appearance.”


The artist says that even though his stories may appear dark, they can be delightful or even cute. The pieces I’ve written for Edd Lai’s Stories are short, [but they have] a sudden twist at the end, which makes them super dramatic, says Edd.
















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