Artist Create 30 “Goofy” Comics About How Gods Deal With Everyday Problems


God has been explaining everything that has happened in our world since the beginning. And we know of these Greek, Roman, Indian, Egyptian, Christian, Islamic, and other gods because they were such a big part of people’s lives that they were resurrected forever in various writings. And they are still an inspiration to modern-day creators.

For example, the Instagram account of Goofy Gods comics presents Gods in a completely different way than usual. These gods are silly, funny, and ridiculous, and Zeus discovered that Mario’s games and Hades are finally going down in history with Persephone, sometimes referring to modern-day culture..


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Goofy Gods Comics is an account shared by two friends who try to give us funny jokes once a week or whenever we can. The first Instagram account was published on August 15, 2019, and in May of the following year, it targeted 200k followers. He did not stop growing and now he has about 300k followers. His posts range from 20k to 170k and have a positive response from comics.




In the comics, the recurring characters are Zeus, the god of the sky, and thunder who rules over the other gods. Then there is Hades, the god of the dead and the king of the underworld. He is inseparable from his three-headed dog Cerberus, who is called Cerbie in the comics.

Goofy Gods Comics not only creates short comics, but their audience also participates in miniseries. We recently found out if Hades had the courage to ask Persephone on a date and if she agreed to it.





The characters are goofy and cute. The god of the dead, usually depicted as a shadowy figure with a monstrous three-headed dog next to him, has a really lovable personality in these comics. Originally angry gods turn into lovable people and if you know at least a little bit of Greek mythology, these comics will be even more enjoyable.















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