The Artist Creates 20 Hilarious Comics Full Of Unexpected Situations


Millennials, General Z, and Boomers are figh-ting the battle from Santa, and shopping – these are the titles of Yanni Diorus, Mastermind and Well, Behind the Pen, Prolific Pen Comics. Inspired by real-life people and situations, Yanni made some interesting comic drawings that could brighten someone’s day and get us to approve the deal. Especially when it comes to nailing your face to your face, your dog is digging in your backyard or trying out a new air fryer.

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Yanni, a 33-year-old professional artist living in Sacramento, California, enjoys gardening, vinyl record collecting, cycling, snowboarding, and, of course, art with her girlfriend Nicky and her dog Sai. When he was about 3 years old and he was naturally drawn to pencils, he adapted to drawing and basically never put it down as he got older. “I started with airplane drawing and then as a teenager, I became interested in painting and comics. I was very lucky to be a supportive parent and I went to art school at Savannah College of Art and Design, where I learned about the history of art and made it as wonderful as art in the sequence. “And now, he makes a living for tech corporations and advertising agencies.









For his comics, the artist depends on real life, people, and circumstances, which he observes in the world and in his social circle. “My social circles are great because they are unique to my own experiences and give a real voice to my work. When I was growing up, it seems like a realistic, relevant comic has grown in popularity so far, so I’ll try pepper out of it a little bit later, but I’d say my basic comedy style is different. Funny and silly. On the other hand, my art style is inspired by peanuts and comic strips from newspapers like Calvin and Hobbes. So he has a small part to play.






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