25 Hilariously Comics By An Italian Artist Sum Up The Everyday Life Of An Average Girl


If you are reading this, you may already know what it is like to be an average girl in today’s world, but I am so satisfied to know that you are not alone in your struggle. The 26-year-old Italian artist @Laillirr has taken a humorous twist to her everyday life situations and described her unique and impressive style as her funny, weird, and completely honest average girl webcomic. I have wrapped and presented. From personal mental health battles to traumatic situations and relationships, the artist invites us into his narcissistic world and you will probably find most of these traumatic relationships.

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The comics are about everyday life and experiences, with the main character, close to the average girl. As the name suggests, she is a pretty average girl who struggles in life like everyone else. My stories are usually funny and exaggerated because what would life be like without laughter? Laura said.

She says the motivation comes from everyday life situations such as kicking your toes, burning cookies or shampooing your eyes: And turn them into something relevant.





The average girl is out of her sense of humor. He manages to draw letters with the same expression as anyone else, and this adds to the comics. The artist told us about the evolution of his unique style.

My art style started with Pokemon when I was a kid and now it goes through a lot of stages before what happens: I had a Winx-style stage, a Naruto-style stage, a D-Grayman. There was a stage, but only when I started my webcomic did I find a very own style of my own, which is a mixture of all the comics and mangas I read, made easy in a cleaner, not the realistic style in which The difference is that when you have to make very little time in very comics!


















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