30 New Hilarious Comics By Internet’s Best Comic Artist Adam Ellis


With over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, cartoonist Adam Ellis is probably one of the most popular comics out there, known for his distinctive style and witty humor. His comic never stop us from laughing and being lucky, today he is back with a new batch.

Adam worked as an artist at BuzzFood before returning to 2018 to focus on his career as a digital artist. Nowadays, the artist regularly creates humor on all kinds of related topics and is not afraid to make fun of himself. Check out some of his latest comics in the gallery below.


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Adam Ellis began his solo career as a cartoonist in 2018, and as more and more people followed his accounts, many years of hard work paid off. But Adam’s career was not always smooth because he didn’t just touch on simple and humorous topics – Adam is not afraid to use his comics to say scary things and talk about sensitive topics.



He has also been criticized for his style of art, which sometimes uses a copy of the same layer on different panels or comics. People accuse him of being lazy and making little effort in his comedy. Some people also think that his character is not funny, but you know, you can’t satisfy everyone. Adam doesn’t care about negation and just focuses on doing his best: making comics!




The uniqueness of Adam’s comics is that apart from comics with a funny twist, Adam has a load of creative storyboards that range from horror to comic. Thanks to his excellent polishing skills, he can supply many genres to his comics.
























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