Friendship: A moving story between a butterfly and a fly


At first glance, these friendship illustrations look colorful and cute, but they have a very sad ending and you will probably feel like crying. The story begins as a typical story with a happy ending, until you reach the end. And that’s where it gets interesting and you realize the powerful message that the artist is trying to convey.

Tum Natakorn Ulit is a 27-year-old artist from Bangkok, Thailand, who is already known for his colorful comics that turn unexpectedly into drama.


Inspired by their personal experiences, their stories are powerful and exciting, conveying a bittersweet sense of tragedy.

Even tragedies can have a poetic beauty, and this is what the artist believes. For example, in his latest friendship story called “The Butterfly and the Fly”.

The plot will probably make you thoughtful and sad in the end, just take a look:

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The story starts out with a beautiful friendship between a butterfly and a fly. The fly is passing by when he sees a beautiful butterfly waking up gracefully. They wave to greet each other, but suddenly a huge praying mantis tries to hurt this beautiful butterfly. The fly sees that and grabs the butterfly by her hand to save her. And that’s how their friendship is born. We think that after a few fun adventures together, this will end well, but that’s actually not the case.

web artist gives an unusual touch to his stories. He makes us think about our choices in life and how they might affect our future. the story revolves around the butterfly and the fly, but it has a deeper meaning. What would have happened if the fly had made the right choice and stayed with the butterfly? Would they have lived happily ever after? Do we, hoomans, tend to seek something better and in the process risk losing something dear to us?

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