20 Humorous Comics Where Artist Tries To Explain Human Behavior To An Alien


People are strange, from weird selfie poses to the manner in which we fake fervor when spending time with individuals we dislike. From a human point of view, these practices make look like typical, however, how would you think an alternate civilization say alien see this?

This manner of thinking is the premise of one comic series that will break your ribs just as give you something for your brain to chew on. Enlivened by great characters, a craftsman has mixed in a dash of dreamlike diversion to make an amazing series that archives the life of Will.


Titled ‘Exercises in Humanity’, this series follows the everyday existence of will as he attempts to disclose to his alien companion, Armstrong, the riddles of human standards. The mix of satire and silly humor ultimately exhibits how befuddling human behaviors are on the off chance that you think critically.

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