20 illustrations that perfectly explain what your life is like when you have a cat at home


In tastes, genres are broken, and this rule also applies when we talk about pets. Most people prefer to have a dog or cat at home. In the case of dogs, they are faithful, loyal, and like companies. Instead, cats are independent, lonely, and self-centered; Even so, they are excellent companions.

If your personality is compatible with that of cats or you are simply a lover of cats and you love having one as a pet, you will feel totally identified with these illustrations that show what happens when you have a cat at home.


Credit website: Catsuthecat

#1 No matter how hard you try, you will never understand

#2 It is the reason for your lateness

#3 The one about a favourite spot

#4 The one about regeneration

#5 The one about a bad cop

#6 The one about affection

#7 The one about older siblings

#8 The one about personal space

#9 The one about celebrity status

#10 The one about teamwork

#11 The one about being a copy cat

#12 The one about motivation

#13 The one about bravery

#14 The one about strategies

#15 The one about looooong cats

#16 The one about selective hearing

#17 The Halloween one

#18 The one about medicine

#19 The one about independence

#20 The one about addictions

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