20 Times This Cartoonist Creates Silly Comics about Ancient Egypt and Endless Mysteries 


Ancient Egypt has always been a subject of fascination for people around the world. With its rich history, majestic pyramids, enigmatic pharaohs, and intriguing mythology, this civilization continues to captivate our imaginations even today. But what if you could experience the wonders of ancient Egypt in a whole new way, filled with humor and silliness? That’s exactly what artist Tut Comics does with his unique and entertaining comics that blend ancient Egyptian themes with modern-day humor, creating a delightful and captivating experience for readers.

His comics are set in ancient Egypt, and they feature characters like pharaohs, mummies, and gods. The artist takes liberties with history and mythology, adding absurd twists to make the comics funnier and more interesting. For example, one of the comics features a pharaoh who insists on wearing sunglasses all the time, even though they haven’t been invented yet. The artist isn’t afraid to make fun of sacred Egyptian myths and beliefs, but the humor is always good-natured and never mean-spirited. The comics are a lighthearted take on a subject that is usually treated with solemnity.


The artist explores this idea by imagining scenarios where the characters discover new and bizarre secrets about their own culture. The artwork is intentionally childlike, which adds to the humor and lightness of the comics. Despite the simple style, the artist is skilled at creating expressive characters and dynamic scenes. He has gained a devoted following of 127,000 on social media, where the artist posts new comics regularly. Fans appreciate the artist’s unique take on ancient Egypt and the irreverent humor that runs through the comics. Many of the comics have gone viral, and they have been shared widely across the internet.

Credit: Tut Comics

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#1. Relatable?

#2. Looks so good


#3. When the deities are hanging out?

#4. What would your response be?

#5. How was the battle?


#6. Do they only hate Horus because he’s handsome

#7. Ancient Egyptian Pantheon vs Ancient Greek Pantheon

#8. All hail akaila


#9. Parking never changes

#10. No need to loose your mind about it

#11. Do you remember this old classic of ours?

#12. Three minutes later


#13. Ever heard of Kebechet before?

#14. Know enough about Norse mythology

#15. Metal gear solid noise


#16. Lifting up people

#17. Like a psychopath

#18. Incredible!


#19. Sobek’s

#20. Charge!


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