Here are 20 Brand-New Wacky and Dark Humor Comics Full of Sudden Twists by PBF Comics


PBF Comics stands out among the several webcomics that have acquired a devoted following for its unique style, comedy, and pure insanity. PBF Comics, or “Perry Bible Fellowship Comics,” is the abbreviation for Nicholas Gurewitch’s webcomic. It explores dark and absurdist humor frequently and has a particular visual aesthetic. After making its debut in 2001, PBF Comics attracted a sizable audience and went on to establish a reputation for taking an unorthodox and irreverent approach to narrative. The strips in comic books often have one or more panels, each with a stand-alone joke or plot.

PBF Comics cover a wide range of topics, from normal and everyday occurrences to magical and surreal events, frequently with shocking turns or macabre punchlines. While some comics are just humorous or ludicrous, others include deeper themes and societal commentary. His comics have won praise for their singular blending of humor and art, frequently going beyond what is considered appropriate or acceptable in a comic strip. Gurewitch is known for his complex backgrounds and simple yet emotive figures, which add to the comics’ overall impact and have helped him gain 356,000 Instagram followers.


His comics cover a wide range of subjects as well, frequently examining the human condition and the absurdity of daily life. Gurewitch bravely goes into weighty philosophical issues while infusing them with his distinct brand of dark comedy, covering everything from existentialism and nihilism to love, death, and the meaning of existence. A distinctive feature of PBF Comics and what draws readers in is the mix of serious issues with irreverent comedy. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for an excellent selection of gloomy comics, because we’ve selected his top 20 drawings in the following section. 

Credit: PBF Comics

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#1. Sisyphus myth

#2. Splitting Up


#3. A fit of the vapours

#4. Harmony

#5. Dream Catcher


#6. Holiday Flavor

#7. The extraction

#8. Primate Checkmate


#9. Lucky day

#10. The Jubilee

#11. Farewell

#12. The treat


#13. Caught

#14. Splash down

#15. Cranky baby


#16. You’re genius

#17. Adam 2.0

#18. Smile


#19. What the hell?

#20. Metamorph assist


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