People Are Sharing Hilarious Pics Of Their Pets Sitting Like Total Weirdos In This Thread (30 Pics)


Imagine walking into the living room and finding your dog sitting upright like a human, what would be your reaction? Well, this owner named Brittany said: “My dog ​​is a weirdo” and posted it on twitter, with the funny photo. It went viral with 1.2 million likes and 192,000 retweets.

It soon became clear that Brittany is not the only owner whose beloved dog is acting like this. It seems that sitting like a human is something that many dogs do. The reason is unknown, but still fun to watch. So take a look at this viral Twitter feed of dogs behaving weird … or human, and enjoying it.



My dog ​​is a weirdo


My dog ​​has no fun.

One of these dogs is called Rhubarb, and its owner is Tamsin:

One morning, my partner and I worked from home and we turned on the TV in the background, and when we looked we saw the dog sitting upright on the sofa, watching the show with us. It was very strange behavior for a 4-month-old puppy.”

He loves to watch TV, he often complains if you do something you don’t agree with, which is a lot of fun, and he loves to get down on two legs. I guess from so much being home during quarantine, dogs learn human behaviors.




The Pet Wag Walking blog suggests that some dogs “develop anatomical preferences for sitting in different postures, especially those with long hind legs and a heavy front, offering relief in the back or hips as they support the lower back and focus the weight of the dog’s chest on the rest of the body






















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