If you ever feel sad these 30 sleeping cats will make you smile


Many cat owners are fully aware of how extravagant and adorable their pets can be. Whether sleeping in the ball position, as a human does, or in strange places, there are always new positions to discover, which move us and put us in a great mood.

Bright Side has decided to compile a handful of these cute and weird sleeping acts. So if you’re in a bad mood, or sad, looking at these sleeping kittens is a sure way to lift your spirits.


#1 Her name is Audrey. She looks comfortable

#2 This cat is obviously comfortable, although no one knows why!

#3 It has been a long day!

#4 Very polite at school

#5 There has never been a kitten as happy as this

#6 Of such stick such splinter

#7 Sending those snoring

#8 My wife and my cat

#9 Sleeping upside down is obviously the best way to sleep

#10 Very few things disturb your sleep

#11 I have always been amazed at how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places

#12 Well curled up

#13 I’m glad you found them comfortable

#14 It’s just my cat doing yoga

#15 A compact disc shelf is the best destination for a cat’s nap

#16 My girlfriend found him outside, sleeping like this

#17 A camouflaged munchkin cat taking a quick nap

#18 2 sisters hugged in a group

#19 The Puss in Boots” Literal

#20 If I fit here … I fall asleep


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