Many cat owners are fully aware of how extravagant and adorable their pets can be. Whether sleeping in the ball position, as a human does, or in strange places, there are always new positions to discover, which move us and put us in a great mood.

Bright Side has decided to compile a handful of these cute and weird sleeping acts. So if you’re in a bad mood, or sad, looking at these sleeping kittens is a sure way to lift your spirits.

#1 Her name is Audrey. She looks comfortable

#2 This cat is obviously comfortable, although no one knows why!

#3 It has been a long day!

#4 Very polite at school

#5 There has never been a kitten as happy as this

#6 Of such stick such splinter

#7 Sending those snoring

#8 My wife and my cat

#9 Sleeping upside down is obviously the best way to sleep

#10 Very few things disturb your sleep

#11 I have always been amazed at how cats can look so comfortable in the most uncomfortable places

#12 Well curled up

#13 I’m glad you found them comfortable

#14 It’s just my cat doing yoga

#15 A compact disc shelf is the best destination for a cat’s nap

#16 My girlfriend found him outside, sleeping like this

#17 A camouflaged munchkin cat taking a quick nap

#18 2 sisters hugged in a group

#19 The Puss in Boots” Literal

#20 If I fit here … I fall asleep



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