They rescue a lion cub that had broken legs so that tourists could photograph themselves with it


A sad story about a little lion recently emerged on the internet. This adorable puppy was separated from its mother when it was only a few months old, to be used as a tourist attraction. The terrible people who kidnapped him broke his leg and damaged his spine so that he could not flee or turn around when tourists took pictures of him. After being rescued, he was immediately taken to the vets, where he was successfully operated on. The rescuers named him Simba.

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This horrible crime pissed off many people, including Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who reportedly personally ordered a criminal investigation into this matter.

The poor lion was tied up in a barn and was forced to take pictures with tourists. It appears that he was also beaten and tortured. He was on the verge of death, with injuries to his legs, spine, and other parts of his body. However, thanks to good people and skilled doctors, Simba is alive and well today and is learning to trust humans again.

Simba has had to relearn many things, like playing and walking. They have given her love and many toys. With a lot of patience, Simba is turning into a normal lion cub. His desire to play and how adorable he is will melt your heart.

The moment they knew they had to rescue him and save his life

The person who saved Simba is named Karen Dallakyan, and he is a veterinarian in Russia. Karen helps hundreds of animals escape terrible situations. It restores their health with food, shelter, and above all, the affection they deserve. Karen cares for all kinds of animals, from tigers, hedgehogs to snakes and birds. You can go to her Instagram account and show her your love.

Thousands of animals suffer cruelty worldwide. Many bad people torture them for popularity and money. When you go to see an animal, keep in mind its safety and sustenance: animals are not entertainment, but living beings that feel pain like the rest of us. Please think about collaborating with institutions that help animals in need, and if you see someone being mistreated, raise your voice, and do not let them suffer.

After one year Simba is happy and healthy

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