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He crawled down the road to get home after a heartless man stole his wheelchair

Many countries live the ravages of a high crime rate but there are acts that more than a social problem seem perpetrated by heartless and expose the lowest of the human spirit.

This time it has not been any robbery, but the target of the crime was a harmless paralytic puppy who was stripped of his wheelchair.

Rocky lives in Nuevo Chimbote, Peru, with his owner Paola Villareal, who found him in the park crawling in an attempt to get home.

Rocky was rescued from the streets by his now owner Paola, while she was on her way to her university. After a visit to the veterinarian, they discovered that the creature could not move freely due to severe damage to its spine.

Upon receiving the diagnosis, Paola was responsible for making an improvised wheelchair to get the puppy to move freely.

The woman did not have the money to acquire a new chair, so she decided to build it on her own. This is perhaps one of the biggest inconveniences of theft because the chair that was taken from the animal was not even an expensive device but it was very useful for him.

After being stripped of his chair, the helpless Rocky had no choice but to crawl down the street, drawing strength to move forward and get home.

Paola was heartbroken to see what they had done with her dog, and she was worried that she didn’t have the resources to build a new chair from scratch. For that reason, he decided to seek help with the Animalist Force Association in his city and they were moved by the case.

The story was shared on social networks and dozens of people joined a quick collection to give Rocky a new chair.

Help began to arrive and Paola was not only able to raise the money needed for her pet’s new seat, but she also received diapers, creams and food for her little one, all in an impromptu day of adoption and for the benefit of Rocky.

People were moved by the robbery and also by the generosity of the girl who decided to give a home to the helpless animal.

although there is no way to exonerate the thugs who robbed Rocky, we want to highlight the positive side of this story. Despite the inhuman act of the criminal, other people full of love decided to help the puppy and made it possible for a terrible act to become a wave of generosity. This is what really makes us bet on humanity.

Share this story and teach everyone how Paola and some strangers have changed the life of this paralytic puppy. Share, together we can do more!



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