Old dog slept in the dirt every day after his owners moved and left him behind


Animals are gentle creatures who know how to express their gratitude for everything their owners do for them. Once the pet is welcomed in the house, it becomes family, and we don’t let go of family. So, why are there so many stories of pets being left behind? To be honest, that’s something I will never understand. I basically would prefer not to accept that we share this world with so savage and reckless individuals who might leave a poor creature be in the city. These loving creatures are completely confused, and can’t figure out why they are alone, and where their humans are.

Unfortunately, this is the faith of an eight-year-old Labrador who was living in a parking lot outside of a warehouse on the delivery route of the truck driver who found him.


The driver felt sorry for the canine who was all filthy and starving, however being on the road most of the time, there was no possibility that he could take him in. Be that as it may, he was eager to discover him a decent home, on the grounds that the pooch was used to living around individuals. As indicated by Dodo, the Lab used to live in the house over the road, yet once the family moved places, he was behind.

The driver uploaded the photo of the “poor old dog” on Instagram in order to find him a place to stay.



Posting the story on Instagram was just the right thing to do, because soon after, a Los Angeles based group Love Leo Rescue, took Larry to their rescue. They knew he deserved a loving home and were determined to find one.

The dog spent months eating scraps from kind strangers, but everyone hoped for that to change. The rescue groups shared Larry’s photograph to the accompanying depiction: “all we need for him is an eternity home.

Isn’t there someone, somewhere out there that wants to give this beautiful, #goldenlab his fairytale ending?

He is eight-years-old and has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease which is manageable through daily medication. His can get a little stiff he’s a little slow. He favors sleeping outside in the nursery as opposed to being confined to a container. He would do well with another old pooch that avoids his business.

Cushing’s disease means the body produces an excess of the hormone cortisol which leads to several dysfunctions such as frequent urination, thirst, hair loss, weight gain, abnormal swelling, as well as changes to the skin’s appearance. The organization states that the medications needed to treat this disease would cost approximately $180 a month, until the rest of the dog’s life. Unfortunately, this may be a purpose behind numerous individuals to decide not to adopt cute, Larry.

At the point when we first rescued him, he was responsive to different pooches and would growl when they got excessively close, composed Love Leo Rescue on Instagram.

Now that he’s feeling better, he’s turned into a social butterfly. We are overly glad to report that he is having a great time in dog daycare To date, Larry has been kicked out of 3 foster homes (due to separation anxiety) and had 2 adopters bail on him. He deserves better than that.”

The rescue continued, Larry does not do well when he’s left alone and would need a secure backyard or a heavy-duty crate and lots of doggy daycare. He needs to be on a medication for life that costs about $180 a month. Other than that, he’s a kind and gentle dog who really deserves a forever home to call his own. Please consider adding him to your family.

He has experienced so a lot and needs to spend his golden years being loved and venerated.

We trust he will discover the satisfaction he strives for and that somebody with a benevolent soul will furnish him with a caring home. In the event that you are interested in adopting Larry, or you know somebody who will contact Love Leo Rescue at [email protected].

Larry, we wish you good karma!


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