A policeman stops to save an injured puppy in the street and is not able to separate from him


In mid-August, a mongrel German shepherd puppy suffered an accident. It was a puppy in the street who had many problems crossing an avenue and received a heavy blow. Unfortunately, the driver did not think about stopping for a second to help him, so the little one was there with no one to give him help.

The puppy was rescued on an Indiana highway in the United States.


One of his legs was seriously injured so he could not move. Everything indicated that sooner or later he would lose one of his limbs. Luckily, another driver who passed by called 911. It was a quiet night so 5 official patrols headed to help the puppy.

One of them was officer Steven McGuirl, who felt deeply sad to see the puppy. A couple of days ago he had to say goodbye to one of his pets, so it affected him a lot to see a puppy suffering so much. He was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic.

“Crash had a rib and a broken leg.”

The officers had done their job, but they all felt so worried about the puppy that 4 of the police returned to the clinic, again and again, to see how he was doing. The boy was named Crash and when it was time to find a temporary home, Officer McGuirl knew very well that he was the one. He and his wife gave him the much-needed care.

“I just thought I didn’t want him to suffer anymore. It looked like he had a lot of pain. ”

At first, the family had decided to have it only temporarily. However, after a couple of months, they understood that the sweet puppy was already part of the family. Now, Crash has a great time at his new home and even has two little dog brothers: A 5-year-old Jack Russel named Jax and a two-year-old German shepherd named River. We could not have imagined a better place for him.

“Crash was about to lose a leg but the officers and the vet did a wonderful job.”

There is no doubt that this puppy and officer McGuirl were destined to be together. What began as a simple rescue that was part of his work now became a beautiful relationship. The crash was the other puppy that was missing in this loving home.

Share this note to help raise awareness about the need to help dogs in distress. A simple call can save a life.

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