Artist Create Disney Characters Into Realistic People (Dad Edition)


From villains to princesses, Finnish artist Jirka Väätäinen has been bringing beloved Disney characters to life, and they all seem like someone you would like to meet. Recently, Jirka has started to focus on the kids that many of us might have forgotten: parents. There’s Tarzan’s father John, Pocahontas’s father, Chief Powhatan, and a few others who now seem capable not only of raising a son but of taking over Hollywood as well. Jirka’s incredibly realistic digital art has already earned her more than 209,000 followers on Instagram, and it doesn’t look like the Helsinki-based artist is going to stop delivering her character drawings anytime soon.

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This whole Disney project has lasted eight years and, to be honest, I find it difficult to find the time and inspiration to continue creating more,” confessed the artist. “Having said that, it’s still a fun thing if I find free time. So we’ll have to see when this wave of inspiration for these great drawings hits me again.


When he’s not playing with famous people, Jirka is still busy; he is a freelancer who juggles a lot of work. Professionally, I have always been an art director and graphic designer first, and I consider myself an additional illustrator. But I like all things visual, and one of my biggest interests has a lot to do with fashion and my personal style, which I also share regularly on my social networks.



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