30 Sarcastic Illustrations That Show Two Different Sides of the Same Thing


Anton Gudim is a talented Russian illustrator who has gained a reputation for creating thought-provoking illustrations that offer a unique and often sarcastic perspective on everyday life. His illustrations often show two different sides of the same thing, using humor and wit to highlight the contradictions and ironies of modern society. After completing his studies, he began working as a freelance illustrator and quickly gained a following for his distinctive style and sharp sense of humor.

One of Gudim’s most popular series of illustrations features two different versions of the same scene, each with a different caption. For example, one illustration might show a person staring at a beautiful sunset, while the caption for the first version reads “enjoying the beauty of nature,” and the caption for the second version reads “checking email while pretending to enjoy the beauty of nature.” This kind of clever, tongue-in-cheek humor has made Gudim’s work popular with audiences around the world. He currently has a huge audience of 1.3 million followers on Instagram. 


Gudim’s illustrations often feature a minimalist style, using simple lines and shapes to convey complex ideas. He is particularly adept at using satire and irony to comment on contemporary culture, often highlighting the ways in which our perceptions of reality are shaped by social norms and media messaging. Despite his success, Gudim remains committed to using his art to make people think and laugh. His unique perspective and ability to highlight the contradictions and absurdities of modern life have made him one of the most popular illustrators working today, and he continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world with his work.

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#1. During vs after

#2. Mosquito Comics


#3. IQ Level

#4. Mood

#5. Pixels


#6. Different modes


#7. Checkmate

#8. That’s why

#9. When all your friends were invited


#10. Pizza

#11. Got it

#12. View


#13. Hole

#14. Fashion


#15. Style

#16. It’s always with us

#17. Mango time

#18. Avocado

#19. Peeling

#20. Banana strings


#21. Biblically accurate

#22. Lifehack

#23. Cooking


#24. Shower before entering pool

#25. Raining

#26. That moment

#27. One more year

#28. Still true?

#29. What?

#30. Ready steady go

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