20+ Dogs that really tried hard to show a cute smile, but what came out came out


Dogs are beings capable of easily winning our hearts, whether by wagging their tails, jumping, playing, and, why not, with a smile. However, there are times when his teeth are so peculiar, that they attract the attention of anyone. Sometimes the funny thing is just the way they show it, and sometimes it seems like it is urgent to make an appointment with a dentist.

Bright Side collected some of the funniest dentures users shared on Reddit so you can smile when you see them, too.


#1 “My mother’s Yorkie needs braces”

#2 The other night, at dinner, the puppy slept like this for about 30 minutes. We laugh all the time

#3 I don’t think I can shut my mouth anymore

#4 Whose eyes are those? And those teeth?

#5 We are not sure what is happening here

#6 Come a little closer …: B

#7 When you have to smile for the photo, but you’re not in a good mood

#8 Karen, when can I get out of here?

#9 He attacks, he protects, but most importantly … he smiles

#10 This is Winnie, who passed away a few years ago. I used to take lots of silly pictures of her. I miss her so much

#11 One, two, three for that tusk

#12 Do you want to see my fool’s face? I stole from you that I wanted the jeans pajamas

#13 My baby fell asleep like that, isn’t he adorable?

#14 He really wants to sit upfront and be part of the gang

#15 By popular demand, here is my little girl, Daisy

#16 Remember I told you I knew how to drive? Well … I lied

#17 Our new Goldendoodle puppy, what a fierce dog!

#18 If I put my teeth under this glass, surely no one will notice

#19 Luna found Mom’s false teeth!

#20 A very special smile

#21 I don’t know, Rick it seems fake”

#22 When you see the girl you like to arrive with someone else

#23 When you activate the front camera by mistake

#24 Well, he’s not exactly a dog, but he thinks he is

Do you also have pets? Share us a photo with your best smile!


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