Madame Eyebrows, the dog with peculiar eyebrows that seems to be sad 20 photos


Madame Eyebrows is a very happy dog, something that we could not imagine if we let ourselves be carried away by her face, since the peculiar spots on her eyes, which resemble a pair of eyebrows, make her seem the saddest dog in the world.

The bulldog was adopted by Janina, who assures that her sulky expression is only a facade to appear rude, but that deep down she is sweet, playful, very affectionate, and she loves receiving and kissing.


When you meet her you only have to see her for a few seconds to realize that she is happy. We not only see how sad it seems, we see how fun it is and how much love it gives us!

#1 Leave Snapchat and scratch my belly

#2 Your thesis is so bad that I can’t eat it

#3 Without my morning coffee I get bad

#4 How am I going to open it if I don’t have thumbs?

#5 I can’t go, toi tiquita

#6 We ran out of paper

#7 You forgot to put sunscreen on me

#8 Can I invite my friends to the house?

#9 What is this? I want chick

#10 I tell you it was not a flea

#11 This is not funny, Karen.

#12 I wanted to dress up as a vampire

#13 I heard you opened chips, can you give me?

#14 Despite looking like a sad dog …

#15 Madame Eyebrows is sweet

#16 A very spoiled puppy

#17 Who likes to dress up

#18 Snuggle up with your sister Luna

#19 And sometimes he even smiles!

#20 Because she is a happy dog ​​and full of love

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