20 animals that their masters caught during a slight of madness


We are used to cats either purring quietly in our lap or paying no attention to humans, while dogs are always happy to see us. But sometimes, the system fails, and our pets start to behave in a strange way. It is enough to mention the desire to sit on a wall, and this without taking into account the attempts of some cats to become bats.

Bright Side understands that everyone has the right to host their own eccentricities. In the case of pets, the important thing is to be able to photograph them on time.


#1 He was at the epicenter of a “catastrophe”. The place was so cozy, he fell asleep sitting

#2 “I think the cat broke”

#3 Help, something is wrong with my‘ bat.

#4 What good is the floor if you can just “sit” on the wall?

#5 Hamsters, like cats, are also a bit “liquid

#6 I heard him bark and went to see what was going on. I found him sitting in a bird fountain

#7 We are also very curious about what you are looking for in that sticker

#8 I think my dog ​​was a cat in a previous life

#9 Sometimes he falls asleep like this, with his eyes open

#10 It’s time to lower the temperature at home, the puppy has already melted a little

#11 He is Merlin, and sometimes this happens to him

#12 His first walk after finding a new home

#13 The important thing is to capture the right moment and take a photo

#14 You are simply impressed by the carpet in our new home

#15 This is what breakfast looks like in bed cat-style

#16 It really stayed that way for about 10 minutes

#17 When you seem to have escaped from a painting by the great Picasso

#18 He waits for me in this pose every time I return from the basement. He wants to surprise me, so I always pretend to be surprised

#19 Tell Cersei it was me

#20 It seems that this little boy tries to get his master away from the chair


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