20+ Animals that were caught in the middle of a yawn and, just like that, brightened our day


The yawning action has several functions, and it is not something that is for its own sake. Sometimes we yawn out of boredom, tiredness because we are sleepy or just like a sigh. But only humans do it? It is interesting to know that there are many animals, mainly vertebrates, that can also. Among other functions, yawning serves to give oxygen to the brain and lower body temperature, thus increasing alert levels. Of course, if a human yawn, it’s not very funny, but if an animal does, the action has another charm.

Bright Side wants to introduce you to 22 funny animals captured at just the right time. But beware, you may yawn more than once before reaching the end of the article, as yawning is highly contagious.


#1 Cat Yawn x 2

#2 Polite macaque covering its mouth when yawning

#3 Did your jaw lock?

#4 This raccoon needs a good nap

#5 Isn’t this little red panda cute?

#6 This zebra needs a good dentist

#7 This guinea pig surprises with its opening

#8 But what bigger mouth does it have

#9 Birds also know about “the art of yawning

#10 It seems that someone made a prank

#11 Can’t sleep anymore

#12 Yawn and wink at one time

#13 We forgive this sausage everything, even bad breath

#14 Yawns and shows off his tongue

#15 This old sheep also has its charm

#16 A little puppy that needs love

#17 This hamster just wants to not be disturbed

#18 It is not roaring, but yawning

#19 Bengal tigers also know how to yawn

#20 He seems mocking, but actually he’s just tired

#21 He looked very cute … until he showed his fangs

#22 Sweet dreams, polar bear

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