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20+ Dogs whose big ears are the cherry on the cake of their charm

Ever since the little elephant Dumbo appeared in our lives, somehow, the perception we had about big ears changed completely. Suddenly, seeing animals with a peculiarly different pair of ears in proportion to what we know as “common” became something beautiful. And dogs are not spared from entering this category.

In love with animals and their most special features, Bright Side made this selection of photos of dogs with big ears, which, in addition to being very cute, have this feature that highlights the tenderness of their tender faces. At the end of the article, a voucher awaits you with a particularly graceful animal with its ears.

#1 My puppy’s ears are so long, I have to tie her a bun when she eats. If not, she dirties them with her food

#2 Taking some fresh air

#3 He looks like Yoda

#4 This little one has the weirdest ears

#5 My husky puppy loves to hide among plants

#6 Please enjoy looking at my puppy and his naturally crooked ears

#7 I love my crazy and wild little dog

#8 But what cute little ears!

#9 Legs and legs to spare

#10 Hi, I’m Gunner. I love the reflections, the shadows, and the butterflies

#11 Hector, a puppy or a bunny

#12 A little boy with big ears

#13 We don’t know what is cuter, if his face or his ears

#14 His ears turn when he runs too fast

#15 The three musketeers in alert mode

#16 This seems a clear example of the old saying: “they sold me a cat (or dog) for a hare

#17 My solar dog

#18 Ears or wings?

#19 Oh my ears!

#20 My sweet little girl’s ears stick out when they hold her

#21 This is Ham. He doesn’t hear very well, even though he has big ears, but he’s a good boy

#22 Shark at half time? That ear looks like one of those animals

#23 Apparently this dog had a difficult night

#24 Hello, did you call me

Let’s fill the page of puppies with big and tender ears! Share your photos with us in the comments section.


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