You Can Get Tattoo Sleeves For Your Cat So They Can Look As Badass As They Feel


Human proprietors love dressing their kittens up in whatever style decisions are accessible and now there are possibilities for the edgiest of cats.

You would now be able to get tattoo sleeves – as in an entire top – for your dearest pets which will make certain to blow some people’s minds next time they’re walking around the area. Furthermore, it ought to up your cat Insta game as well. Craftsman and creator Airie McCready from California, U.S, has her own organization, Slinx Concepts, and offers in vogue articles of clothing for cats and dogs. In any case, it’s her tattoo sleeves for feisty cats that she sells on online commercial center Etsy that have gotten individuals’ eyes.


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Tattcat caps are available in various designs and styles; most importantly they are very adorable. The caps are priced at £ 16.18, a small cost to pay for having the cat with the most nails.

Designer Airie told Metro The idea came to me when a friend showed me a silly fake tattoo sleeve and made fun of me because I didn’t have to put ink on, I could have got one of these (I have a lot of tattoos).

I took it off and thought, ‘If only I knew how to sew … But Airie knows a good idea when he sees it, so she learned how to sew herself – a not inconsiderable feat when it comes to the sheer fabric used to make Tattcat blouses.




It also sells a ton of other cat supplies, including slings that you can carry your furry baby in. I mean, assuming your furry baby is cold, I personally think my cat would kill me if he tried to put her in one.














Tattoo Sleeves For Cat



Tattoo Sleeves For Cat




Tattoo Sleeves For Cat
Tattoo Sleeves For Cat



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    While the Purple Butterfly is not on sale, its a great price and I do have a sale going on too!
    I’m clearing out old patterns and overstock Tattcats. Now is your chance up to 50% off!
    This is huge! Dogs and Cats!
    Go to to see the shirts on Clearance. Until January 31st or while supplies last.
    Tanks marked down from $18.00-$36.00 To $9.00-$18.00! Long Sleeved marked down from $55.00 to $27.50!


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