20 Beautiful Comic about being in a relationship with this artist


Everyone who lives in a happy relationship knows that it is made up of beautiful, healthy and honestly humorous everyday items that you experience with your significant other. These are the little things that make love happen all over the world. The significance of these things does not include the British comic Barmi Chip Dine, who documents the day-to-day flexibility and wholesomeness of their relationship.

Looking at them, many people find it relevant and balanced in their own special relationship, which makes the unique joke and cuteness of this relationship even more attractive. From the things that happen in the kitchen, or when you go to work, to the bed, and from the psychological issues, the artist finds every aspect of his own relationship and all the things that he admires and finds it funny, Shows in a clear way, that screaming is the definition of easy things to be a couple.


You can imagine these comics as everyday writers with a foreign boyfriend from Latvia. His relationship with comics is enviable. They help and support each other in difficult times, they show their sensitive and ugly side, and they are honest with each other, but most importantly they know how to laugh and smile at each other As a result, the reader smiles. Of comic.

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The artist told a background story and peeked into her relationship with her boyfriend behind the scenes. We met through a dating app and went to the Natural History Museum for a date. We really broke the ice by making stupid and deep jokes about dating, but it was easy to talk to each other so quickly! We talked for about 8 hours a night, which is amazing how painful app dating can be! We’ve been together for about 1.5 years, not long ago, but we both felt it from the very beginning. We used to be just natural, easy, and fun together.




















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