This owner found a paper collar on her cat’s neck when she came back from the street


Cole Clark from the UK has always allowed his Siberian cat to go out on her own, without worrying about her hobbies. However, one weekend, Tula, 11, came home with a paper necklace. Cole picked it up and found a note dated August 16, which read, “Does this cat have a home? She’s always at the Toby Carvery restaurant. Below you can read an interview with the owner of Tula.

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This 11 year old Siberian feline has been living a double life

The truth came to light when one day his owner saw that he was wearing a necklace of written paper

The note changed everything and revealed that Tula has been leading a secret life when she is not with her owner. This life basically consisted of ordering food at Toby Carvery Restaurant in Swindon. “When I found out that Tula frequented the restaurant, I was very amused and not too surprised. She goes wherever her search for meat takes her, ”said her owner.

The note was from Toby Carvery restaurant

When Cole discovered this, he went to the restaurant to explain that Tula was not a stray cat. “The restaurant staff were glad to know that she had a home, and they told me that they always tried to catch her, tempting her with prawns, but she would eat them and run away. Tula was always there for lunch and sometimes for dinner too.

This is not the first time Tula has asked strangers for food. Although she has always had a warm place to sleep, quality food, and a loving owner, she is always looking for extra snacks. Tula always follows her nose and frequented nursing homes where they gave her minced meat.

Tula with her owner, Cole Clark

“She is definitely a queen. She has that air of superiority and always rejects what is not meat. It is beautiful but independent… unless you have food! Other cats haven’t figured out her trick and won’t follow her to the restaurant, but she brought them a hot dog the other day, ”says Cole. It seems that this cat has a lot of character, which helps her in her search for food.


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