This Norwegian mom shows true motherhood uncensored with 25 illustrations


Being a parent may sound like an adventure-filled journey that most of us would take on at some point in our lives, but in reality, it’s an idyll that can explode at any moment – and Jade Nordahl from Norway knows that all too well , as Abel’s mother.

So one day he picked up a pen and began to draw the funny moments from his daily difficulties. From the baby occupying the entire bed, to eating some unidentified berries that she forbade him, Jade’s illustrations are meant for a laugh.


To all those mothers with dark circles who do not remember the last time they slept 8 hours at a time, and the parents who come to a meeting and realize that their son has left their shirt stained, this is something that you will feel identified.

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Jade already has 40,600 followers on Instagram, where she shares her life as the mother of 6-year-old Abel in colorful images.

“The first years with Abel were exhausting, everything was new for us, but he has taught me to be patient.” Then came his daughter Mila, who “was a different experience from the first one.”

I have always liked to draw, and it seemed therapeutic to make sketches of the lived situations that had made me cry, either from frustration or from laughter.





People thanked me for sharing images of the hardships of motherhood, being honest but fun, and not just a glamorous photo of a happy family. Family life is time consuming and exhausting, but it fills my heart with joy and pride. every day.





















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