Shiba Inu Doggo goes viral for always smiling, Especially After Seeing Food (20 photos)


First, meet Yoon with 9-month-old Shiba Anu, who lives in Tokyo, Japan. That’s why her owner loves her, she has a lot of toys in her house and she lives an active life. But can you guess which Yoon finds happiness? the meal!

Well, dogs never stop smiling whenever there’s something good in front of them. Even if the bowl of breakfast or pasta on the table belongs to your man, it seems that just looking at the food puts a smile on your little friend’s face.


Pictures of this smiling Douginho will definitely improve your day

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“uni is beautiful not only because she’s always smiling,” her owner told Board Panda. He has white legs in his little legs, which makes him look like he is wearing socks!

Looking at Yun’s pictures, it is clear that he is very calm in most of the environments. The owner added, ‘He behaves very well and knows he needs to be quiet when we go out. When he is in public, he calms down, does not bark or runs away. , Which makes relaxation a pleasant and stress-free experience.


When it comes to food, the dog’s owner says he never demands it. Uni loves everything, especially the potato stick.

However, if you also want to give your dog potatoes, the American Canal Club recommends giving them something stuffed or boiled. ‘Potato chips in oil, such as potato chips, or potatoes with butter or salt in them, are not healthy for dogs. If your cousin has diabetes, he should not be given potatoes because they bleed. Can cause spikes in sugar.

Uni, however, clearly can and likes to eat them.

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