13 Risky National Geographic Photographers Who Will Do Anything for the Perfect Photo


There are professions in which people literally have to risk their lives to do their job well. And well, there is that, and being a photographer for National Geographic, which is a job of another level, where these professionals expose themselves to almost any danger in order to obtain the ideal graphic that will be the photograph of the year.
And is that many people do not even imagine the tremendous effort a photographer has to make to get the perfect shot. And all this is multiplied by a thousand when it comes to being in contact with wild nature in all its splendor.

Well, as we all know, the National Geographic channel has always been characterized by being full of various categories, among which the scientific, historical, cultural and of course nature stand out. Because of this, the profession of photographer of the latter, and dedicating herself to capturing the wildest moments of wildlife, really involves a lot of effort and dedication to obtain the image desired by everyone.


That’s why we’ve always been able to enjoy some really unique and incredible shots there, but we don’t even imagine the amount of things the photographer had to do to get it, including risking his own life.

Therefore, we are going to show you 15 images that reveal some of the risks that National Geographic photographers have to go through during their work, in order to get the perfect portrait of wildlife and all that that implies.

#1 A perfect swamp camouflage.

#2 A photographer in the form of an igloo.

#3 This is the only way to go unnoticed in the middle of a herd of swans.

#4 It seems that this little tadpole is not the least bit scared.

#5 You have to have your pants on properly to do this kind of thing.

#6 The main requirement for this job is to literally not be afraid of ANYTHING.

#7 They are days and days of snow and cold until you get the correct shot.

#8 They can even become almost completely frozen.

#9 Let everything get wet except the camera.

#10 Living with wildlife is not a problem for these photographers.


#11 Sometimes wildlife can be really WILD.

#12 This is an all-risk-proof job.

#13 Having the water literally do your neck in order to get the perfect picture.


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