Finalists for the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have been announced and will make you laugh a lot


After a long wait and intense but friendly competition, the funny Wildlife Photography Awards have announced their final competition. And the pictures are so good that they are sure to make your day.

Tom Salem, one of the founders of the award, said the competition is to recognize the great images and images of wildlife that make us laugh out loud. They want to raise awareness of conservation through fun, capable and positive fellowship with these animals.


Tom talks about this sixth year of the competition, here below you can see the finalists, cast your favorite votes and tell us which one do you think is the winner, and the winners announced 22 Will be done in October.

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‘We believe that humor and interest, along with awareness, interest and the passage of time, play a huge role in protecting the animals on this planet. Is focusing more. Security efforts around the world. ”

‘We want everyone to behave differently in the world we live in. It all starts with a little bit of hard work.”

‘We thought this year was going to be tough because of Coved, but the thrill is that we had more participants than ever before, more than 7,000, and very good quality participants.’




‘Choosing a finalist was almost impossible, there were about 400 on the first list, which is three times the maximum we chose. Finally, sorry, we reduced it to 44 (which should have been 40, but there There were (some) things we couldn’t deny. ‘
























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