Artist Creates The Stupidest Animal Hybrids He Can Think Of (26 New Pics)


In the event that you love animals and regularly can’t choose which ones you like more, Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen, known as gyyporama, has an odd, yet funny arrangement. This Norwegian gadget engineer designs new animal species by joining genuine ones in Photoshop. His animal half breeds are charming, senseless, dorky, and once in a while somewhat dreadful, yet they will fill your heart with joy!

I began making them in late 2012 when I was an understudy. I and a companion were kidding about how strange and innocuous guinea pigs are, so I began blending them in with different animals for no reason in particular with the Photoshop experience I had. This was directly in the test time frame, so I required a few stops from examining. The photos turned out to be very well known, so I kept creation some in 2013. At that point, I had a break for quite a while, and in the previous years, I’ve gotten the pastime once more. I don’t have a specific motivation, yet I like the way that these photos can be valued by individuals of any age all around the globe,” Fredriksen revealed to Bored Panda.


Fredriksen connects with his crowd of more than 52,000 Instagram followers in his engaging interest by allowing them to recommend and pick names for the new dreamlike animals and a large portion of them are right on target and nearly as funny as the photos.

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