This Artist Draws Comics About A Little Penguin Who Fails At Basic Life Tasks, Except Being Super Cute (30 Pics)


Penguins aren’t as normal as, state, pigeons, and that is a gigantic issue. These flightless feathered creatures are so lovable, simply seeing them can light up even the darkest of days. Be that as it may, there are more approaches to accuse ourselves up of their great vibes than essentially meeting them at the zoo.

Like looking at the comics by Sheba, a self-trained Japanese craftsman who just reveres penguins. Her healthy strips consummately mirror their charming nature. From managing stormy climate to getting into shape, Sheba’s characters don’t let their regular day to day existences ruin their temperament, and that is something we would all be able to gain from them. Keep looking to look at the pics and upvote your faves!


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With the exception of Sheba’s creative mind, penguins live solely beneath the equator. You can discover some island-tenants in hotter atmospheres, however most—including the celebrated Emperor, Adélie, Chinstrap, and Gentoo penguins—chill in and around Antarctica. Their thick layer of fat and firmly pressed, slick quills permit them to withstand even freezing temperatures.


The craftsman said the thoughts for the comics originate from minimal regular circumstances. I get my motivations from my conventional life, which is the same as those of individuals I see in the city. My drawings express my adoration for individuals as much with respect to penguins.”





























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