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They sent her dog’s colA man desperately searching for his lost dog received the saddest note

Animals are the most loyal and loving living beings with whom we can share our existence. They illuminate each of our days with their sincere smiles and with each mischievous action they perform. However, the evil of man knows no limits and is capable of committing the worst injustices against them, just as happened to a beautiful dog that disappeared without a trace, and days later her family received a fatal note.

It was the sweetest

It all happened in rural Pearl River County, when a desperate man named Chad Stricker lost his puppy, a 10-month-old wolf mix, after taking an evening stroll on his sprawling 10-acre property, next to his other dog named Ghost.

I searched every day, several times a day. There were a few days when I came home early from work to search. I published on social networks, asked the neighbors, and drove the roads from one side to the other, ”said Chad.

The days passed and Nymeria, the sweet little dog, continued without appearing. Six days passed after his disappearance and it was then that the fateful December 19 Chad received an anonymous note in his mailbox that left him with a completely broken heart. His cute little dog had entered the property of another person, without carrying identification and, for that simple reason, the owner decided to end his life.

He loved her with all his might

Those were the words that the man found in the note, next to the yellow leash of his beloved dog. However, Nymeria, who was blind in one eye, always carried a card indicating her address, photo, and even a description of her personality.

No one knows if she lost it in so many days of disappearance, or if the anonymous person did not notice her.

What a vile human being to shoot and end the life of the animal, instead of running away from it or better returning it to its home. It would destroy me to discover that someone shot my puppy when he was just looking for food in the trash. It was absolutely unnecessary and unpleasant, regardless of the legality or not of the event, ”wrote an annoying Internet user.

Although there is a law that allows the residents of the United States to end the life of any pet that does not carry its proper identification, there are always better alternatives that do not affect defenseless living beings.

Share this heartbreaking story with all your friends and let’s hope that poor Chad can find comfort after the sad departure of his dog.


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