He tried to find a home for an abandoned kitten, but the little boy had already chosen her as a new mother


Popsicle wanted to live with Kenya and was not going to receive a no as an answer. Kenya could no longer have more pets. Mother, wife, and owner of a dog and a cat, his family was barely supplying in his small house so another animal in the house was out of the discussion.


When a client of her pet grooming business arrived with a small abandoned kitten who needed a home, the woman said she could not take care of him but would get her home. Meanwhile, he took him home.

Big mistake.

He barely arrived with the kitten at his house, he realized that he could never get rid of him. The little animal immediately snuggled up with his daughter, with his other cat and even with his dog.

While Kenya was searching online if someone was looking for the child or if someone could adopt him, the kitten played, slept and behaved like another member of the family.

Barely a day had passed and the kitten already had best friends inside the house. And while Kenya warned his family that the cat would stay only one night in the house before going to a shelter, both his family and the animal had nothing else to say about it. His house could not accept another animal. But his family does. Seeing the next morning as the little boy curled up and gave love to everyone in his home, Kenya decided to stop fighting the current and adopt it.

Popsicle, as he was baptized, seemed to know from the beginning that he had found his definitive home and did not give up until he convinced the woman and her family to accept it. Now he plays with the house dog, sleeps with his older feline brother and receives affection from his humans all day.

The kitten wanted a home and was not going to receive a no as an answer.


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