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The great initiative of a group of workers to protect the most disadvantaged dogs

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant once said that we can judge a person’s heart by the way he treats animals. And, when we deliver something to an animal, be it our time, effort, thought or affection, we give it part of our being. There are many ways to help animals and, without expecting anything in return, a furniture company has built more than 100 houses for dogs of needy families in the Brazilian city of Alexander, Santa Catarina. The puppies even seem to pose smiling for the photo next to their new home

Through a group of volunteers, a logging company has been given the task of building houses for dogs and donating them to low-income families, so that their pets have a safe shelter. The noble initiative arose after a beamed house was divided into pieces and its wood was reused to build dog houses. “With the wood of a damaged house inside the property we made a hundred houses. After that, Henrique, our boss, asked if we wanted to continue with the project or not, ”said Paulo Cesar Sampaio, the company’s logistics manager.

Sampaio’s idea is to help low-income families who love dogs to be able to provide shelter from the heavy downpours that spank the region in a beautiful little blue house, which prevents them from staying out in the open. “We work feeling happy to be able to help,” said Sampaio.

The houses are donated to several NGOs in Xanxerê, one of them, the Animal Welfare group, who is in charge of distributing them among the families with less resources within the municipality and prioritizing, above all, the most needy strata. “As the demand is much higher than what we have to offer, we have selected the most urgent and serious cases. We give priority to people who really can’t afford to buy a small house and have an animal that loves them, but they can’t afford to give their pets a decent home. Even some cannot afford to support their own family, ”says Edilene Balen, an NGO volunteer.

Apart from saving these animals, these extraordinary carpenters and human beings are proud to be the guarantors of a protective shelter for these pets.Thanks to people like them these puppies have the opportunity to live in a new space that improves their quality of life. “We are very proud to accept this project from our boss and we are there, building the houses, and thank God it has been very successful,” says Antonio Dos Santos, a general service employee.

As you can see, there are many ways to help animals that live in nature, and save them from the damage to which they are exposed daily, one of them is the will, and the desire to leave a mark to make a difference. Share this story with your friends and loved ones. The more we know our natural partners, the greater opportunities we will have to protect them. Raise awareness in favor of animal rights.


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