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Stray dog gave birth and left her puppies under a house for her safety. Worried

A group of rescuers found Mama Ruby and her five puppies. Now everyone recovers with their host family. The maternal instinct explodes, especially in complex moments. Mothers always looking for the best for their children, even if that means they are far from them. And it is not exclusive to human beings, animals also have it. A stray dog got under a house in Roxboro, North Carolina, in the United States to leave her puppies in a safe way.

The beagle mix, since then called Mama Ruby, and her five puppies were rescued on Saturday from a small space under the house. I wanted to leave them in a place where they were fine. Robyn Handy, who founded Vintage Rescues for Racers, the organization that helped get the dogs out from under the house, said Mama Ruby has been missing for two years. “She is loved and known to many, but she was too shy and scary to be caught,” Handy told WRAL.

When she got pregnant, the firefighters were determined to find where she delivered her puppies and keep them all safe, she added. As soon as they saw the group of puppies, the group rescued them. Later the organization shared photos of the moment in its Facebook account.

Mama Ruby’s litter consists of four males: Ember, Bunker, Halligan, and Hook. And only one female, Piglet, counted Handy. THESE are the moments for which an animal rescuer lives. Moments like these are what keep you moving. The rescue is difficult, but today, friends, today was a GLORIOUS day in rescue, the rescue organization wrote.

Now the dog and her babies are taken care of and taken care of by a host family. Fortunately, everyone is in good health and learning to trust human beings.

After all, there was a happy ending for this dog who only wanted the best for her children.



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