Couple surrender 18 year old dog to shelter – want to put him down because he’s ‘stupid’


Often dogs are elderly, but they are healthy, so that’s why our poor animals don’t get euthanized, however old they are if they are stable. A dog, called Figgy, was 18 years old. His parents struggled to cope with some incidents around the building.

18 is an unusually high age for a canine to hit so that he was looking a little worse for wear. Nevertheless, the cruel family didn’t show concern for him. He instead went to the vet and insisted that the dog be put down, and for the strangest reason, he was becoming “too stupid,” according to them.



The dog’s health was tested by the veterinarian’s office, tests showed he was arthritis and blind with a bad lip, but he was fairly healthful for an 18-year old dog. The owner explained and how they found that poor Figgy was ‘ ‘ stupid ” and that’s why they tried to euthanize him, but the vet’s staff denied the appeal. They couldn’t afford to put up a healthy sweet dog. They took Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, which cares for old elderly dogs who are abandoned, and they took care of him. They did not.

The sweet pooch moved on to the new life of San Francisco. This place was far from his former owners, who loved him and remained loyal for years but did not want him anymore. Luckily, there are kind people who were willing and willing to give the sweet dog all his love and care. Sherri Franklin knew from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue that the Senior Dog was not going to be happy to stay at the dog’s house, he wanted peace and tranquility so she had taken it back to her family so that the dog might have a relaxed change.

In her foster home, the sweet dog was so content and loved sleeping, curling up with his wife. In a matter of days, an animal lover found Figgy and gave him an offer. She rescued a few older dogs at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and was instantly sweet to fluffy as she saw him. Sweet adoptor was a woman named Eileen.

In his new home, the homeless dog was thriving in life. In addition to a new mother, the dog also won a new friend from Muttvillle, Miss Abbie. With all the love and care we hope that the little pooch will enjoy his last years.

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