This artist shares the story of a green mermaid that will awaken your feelings


In 2019 Andy Ivanov created an illustrated story showing a mermaid living in a lake, very moving. This story triumphed on the internet and caught people’s attention: a dramatic but charming story about the love between a mermaid and a human. Well, the artist has created a 2nd part.

This beautiful story continues after the exciting cliffhanger in which he left us. Where will the story of this unexpected couple take us this time? Here you have it in full.


“For the 1st time, I decided to participate in the annual #mermay challenge. I thought it would be interesting to put the illustrations together and make a little story, instead of making a different mermaid every day. I did not expect such resonance, ”says the author.

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1st part: May, the mermaid of the lily lake


¡Oh no!

Please, live … I will bring you a petal of life

Have you seen that beast?

I caught her!

Good job boy! We have her!

What have I done? … She will not survive in captivity … I must help her in some way

“I’ll take you home

– I’m so sorry … Be free again, please. – Hey, boy! Don’t do what you want or I’ll shoot you. ”


The petal of life … I kept it with me from the beginning.

“You are going to live”

2nd part

Wake up … the sun has risen.

I am alive, but how is this possible? – Come with me, I will teach you something

It’s him again! We can hide in a secret place, the one that wanted to show you

He won’t find us. We will be safe there.

“The lily is my life. I gave you part of me, “

Here you are! What do you have there ?

What is this? It is a treasure If the flower is plucked I will die

Do not touch…

that flower

Oh no, no … It’s all my fault.

I’m so sorry … my love

The artist told me how long it takes to create this story: “Apart from 12 images took me a month and a half. In general, it could take a month, but after each illustration, I allowed a few days to hook the audience. ”

Andy Ivanov says his style is inspired by Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks. The message behind his art is: “Love and respect nature. Don’t try to own it. ”

The artist also said that this 2nd part is the last, but that in the future he will share some illustrations about the life of this couple, so if you are interested, follow him on Instagram.

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