15 dogs who love mud and are not ashamed to show it. You will laugh out loud!


Although if your pet is one of these, I think you will not enjoy it as much …

“They do not call him” man’s best friend for nothing. Dogs give us a million wonderful things: love, cute licks, endless jumps when you get home, and the funniest occurrences.


So when they see the opportunity to play … nothing stops them. Literally nothing. What is a little dirt and mud for them? The next 15 dogs best demonstrated this point, and you won’t stop laughing when you see them.
Although if one of those is your house … Did I say a million wonderful things? … Well, maybe one other thing a little bit bad …

1. I wanted to know how the mud smelled … you can’t get mad.

2. Isn’t that how the bathrooms work? That they didn’t want me clean? I did it for you!

3. No, definitely in the face of this tenderness it is not possible to bother ..

4. “Don’t even mention it, human …”

5. “Did something happen?”

6. Sorry, but this one looks just great

7. “Yes, it definitely tastes good”

8. And this one seems to not mind not seeing anything

9. Well… this dog does seem to be a little regretful… and annoyed with himself

10. Apparently, this one opted for a dive

11. Leave me here forever, goodbye family, have a good life

12. No, his was definitely not a good idea… poor!

13. This one doesn’t lose its elegance… ever!

14. Excuse me? Don’t interrupt my facial, please

15. And the last one has the perfect camouflage technique… bravo!

I don’t know about you … but I don’t care about the mud, and I would help you clean up all of you.

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