People Are Sharing Their Malfunctioning Cats’ Pics In This Group And Here’re 25 Hilarious Ones


Pet “owners” appreciate taking a lot of photos of their adorable animals. It appears that anyone with a dog or a kitten has a large collection of pics showcasing off their furry friends in their bad and good times. And indeed some photos of these “pets” can be pretty amusing.

While a lot of people prefer dogs to cats, a fact about kittens can’t, however, be denied. Cats seem to have more attitude than dogs and interestingly they do make hilarious scenes very often.


Proving the aforesaid, pet owners who have a whole subreddit titled ‘r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat’ dedicated to malfunctioning cats has been capturing some weird scene. Really weird scenes.
Ranging from the Cubism, a visible confusion to cats hailing the light, we’ve compiled 25 photos of malfunctioning cats for your perusal. Have a look and brace up for a good laugh!

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#1 Cat Laid On His Back On The Top Of The Cabinets With His Eyes Open Staring Straight To The Ceiling

#2 Isn’t This Cat Quite Creepy At A Close Glance?

#3 I Truly Wanted A Cat But Instead I Got Whatever This Is Called

#4 Sadie Stretching In The Sun Appear Like A Mirror Camera Edit

#5 This Kitten Is Entirely Just Weird. Too Weird

#6 Is He About To Speak Italian? That Pose Is Amazing!

#7 This Kitten Should Be Given A Trophy For His Kung-Fu Skills

#8 This Appear Like The Perfect Place For Laurie To Relax. (Fry In The Background)

#9 How Will You React To Seeing This At 2 A.m.?

#10 This Kitten Clearly Doesn’t Give A Damn

#11 This Kitten Tried Passing Out In Rage But Still So Cute

#12 Can This Be Dubbed The ‘Cubism?

#13 The Visible Confusion At Its Peak

#14 Noodle Feel Like A Space Owner In The Fridge. This Happens Consistently After Clearing Out

#15 Can You Tell How He Got There? Or Do We Now Have A Flying Cat

#16 What’s Happening Here? A Cat Or A Bat?

#17 All Hail The Bright Lights. All Hail The Bright Lights!

#18 This Cat Deserve To Be At The Olympic

#19 Cat Fell Asleep Like This. Isn’t It Weird?

#20 Meet Katsu, The Dramatic Cat Screaming Loud For A Hooman

#21 After An Exhausting Day, A Good Sleep Is 100% Required

#22 Batteries Are Critically Low. Needs A Recharge As Soon As Possible

#23 Did This Cat Lose Some Bones? Amusingly Confusing!

#24 ‘Lazy To Stand Up Cat’ Clogged The Sink And Did Make A Drinking Pool

#25 Your cat has stopped working

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