20 Hilarious Long Comic Strips Filled with Dark Jokes by Mercworks


Mercworks is a webcomic created by Dave J. Catman (Mercier) that follows the misadventures of a group of mercenaries and their quest for work and meaning in their lives. The comic features a colorful cast of characters and a mix of humor and drama. The main character of Mercworks is a mercenary named Alex, who is often struggling to make ends meet and find work in a world where superheroes and villains dominate the headlines. Alongside Alex are his fellow mercenaries, including the gruff veteran Duke, the tech-savvy hacker Sera, and the animal-loving sniper Amie.

The comic frequently examines issues of friendship, fidelity, and the difficulties of discovering one’s purpose in life. It is renowned for its sharp speech, funny jokes, and touching scenes. Since its online debut in 2014, Mercworks has amassed a loyal following of 134,000 Instagram followers. The artwork of Dave Mercier is clear, expressive, and meticulous. Each of the characters is specially created with a unique appearance and personality. The environments and backgrounds have a tremendous sense of depth and depthlessness.


But Mercworks’ capacity to strike a delicate balance between heart and humor is what truly sets it apart from other webcomics. While the comic is frequently hilarious, it also bravely tackles more serious issues like adulthood’s challenges and mental health. Jake is seen struggling with anxiety and despair in one particularly moving plotline, and the comic does a masterful job of handling the material. Anyone who appreciates heartfelt workplace comedy comics must read Mercworks. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics. Have a great day!

Credit: Mercworks

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#1. Pastor of the year

#2. This is relaxing


#3. Admit that some monkeys are hot

#4. Is cereal soup?

#5. Do you think they boned?


#6. Best excuse to get out of date

#7. Lovelorn

#8. Federal student loans got cancelled


#9. Superdeath

#10. Can we all bring this energy today?

#11. The inevitability of death

#12. Rat king


#13. Every day

#14. Is that guy still alive?

#15. Supreme court


#16. This is why TSA is necessary

#17. Is this how cooking works?

#18. Fashion


#19. Wait dude wait!

#20. Time kills people


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