Innocuous Deer Enjoy In Nara’s Park Japan Might Be Adore You


Nara Park truly a magical place because of cherry blossom while we can’t travel physically, we go through the amazing pictures and videos other people share. The park is inhabited by sacred Sika Deer which can be fed by visitors. When it rains both raindrops and cherry blossoms fell down to the ground. The deer came out of the forest and enjoy by wandering here and there.

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Nara Park is the Largest Park in Japan. There are over 1000 deer have become a symbol of the city and have even been designated as natural beauty. “Deer crackers are for sale around the park, and some deer have learned to bow to visitors to ask to be fed.” They are also pretty tame, although they get aggressive when they see food. It’s hard to talk about Nara without talking about the deer. Most of the deer can be found roaming freely around Nara Park. They are gorgeous for close-ups, so make sure you bring your good camera out and capture these adoring scenes.

Japan is famous for cherry blossom and if you thought end of March and early April is the only time you can enjoy cherry blossoms, you have got it wrong because of the location of Japan, the weather and temperature differs quite a bit across the country. Therefore, there are cities that will have cherry blossoms blooming even in late April. Many of our photographers love to travel to places for the beautiful seasonal scenery and have captured memory with amazing cheery blossoms.

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