This dog searches for the furiest dogs in the kindergarten to take a nap with them


If you are brave enough, everything and everyone can become a pillow. And Edna is very fearless.

This dog has been going to daycare since he was a puppy, and his routine has not changed. Edna runs and plays for the first few hours, and gets so tired that she needs a nap to recharge the batteries. So start looking for a comfortable place to sleep for the remaining time. However, since there are so many dogs looking for the same thing, it can be difficult, so Edna adapts. And when he wants his nap, he chooses the fluffiest and softest dog in the nursery and uses it as a pillow.


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“All dogs seem to enjoy their company, snuggled in there,” one of their owners, Brianna Gottfried, told The Dodo. “Even the little dachshunds.

Naturally, when Edna was very young, it was easier for her to fall asleep on other dogs. But even if it’s bigger now, it refuses to stop. And the best part is that his daycare buddies don’t seem to bother them at all.

When Brianna goes to daycare to pick up Edna to take her home, she is often found sleeping with another dog. When it’s time to take her home, I always have to take her off another dog.


Obviously, it is a delight to play with Edna, and all her friends enjoy her company so much that they are always willing to help her to spend more time together.

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