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He cried when he received a stuffed replica of his deceased dog. He will be with his friend again

After 8 years of service, Lemon, his companion dog passed away. They say that the dog is man’s best friend, but this officer’s relationship with his faithful companion will last beyond death. This is what happened to Josh Madsen, a policeman from the Department of Pasco, in Washington, he built a deep bond with his dog, Lemon and who, with a special gift he received, will now always remember him. However, Lemon’s service and his departure will not be forgotten. Both Madsen and many canine supporters were in charge of paying tribute. One of these tributes was a surprise replica of the dog before which Madsen could not contain the emotion and ended in tears when he remembered his old friend.

The gift was delivered by Cassandra Berg, a woman grateful for the work of Madsen and Lemon who decided to offer some support to the officer after his sensitive loss. He published the video of the officer opening the gift on his Facebook and quickly went viral with more than 11,000 views.
«I gave Officer Madsen his gift today! He cried so much he loved it! I am so glad that I was able to give this to him as a good of the K9 officer (police dog) Lemon! This officer helped us so much in our time of need, so it was so amazing to give him back something so special! Pasco Police, thanks for everything you did for us, Officer Madsen! I can’t wait to meet your new K9 when it comes!

While Officer Madsen waits for his new hairy to be assigned as a co-worker, he can remember Lemon through his new form of a stuffed animal, made by Cuddles Clones, a company that replicates pets in stuffed animals and will surely keep in his office.

Until the end of his days, Lemon was together with Madsen, his friend, and partner. But the health of the dog deteriorated and he had to leave the police service. After surgery to treat an affectation in his stomach, the canine presented a medical crisis and died, after 8 years of hard work in the canine division of Pasco.


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