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Due to health problems, these two obese cats were abandoned. They hope to find a family

A clinic and an organization offered to pay part of the medical costs to the adopter. These two brother kittens are inseparable and are looking for a home. This is Lady Fluffernutter and Chunk Norris, two chubby kittens whose owner could not continue paying for their attention because both have health problems. They were delivered before Christmas to a shelter and are still waiting for those who adopt them.

Each weighs almost 10 kilograms and suffer from overweight. On top of that, they hate being apart. In their two years of life, they have always been united, so they are very sad when they are separated, as happened at ACCT Philly, in Philadelphia, the shelter that accepted them to find them a family, according to The Dodo.

In principle, the space was insufficient for these two great cats to be together. However, then they got together again in a wider space. The nerves of both have only calmed down by being together.
“They are doing much better together, although they are still a little scared in the shelter.”

Blake Martin, ACCT Philly worker, to The Dodo.

This case has been particular for shelter workers. They are putting all their effort so that newcomers can find a home together. However, they have an obstacle.

The health problems that both minions face complicates their adoption, no matter how much interest they may have in adopting them. Chuck Norris has problems in one eye while Lady Fluffernutter has no tail, a heart murmur, and a potential constipation problem.

The cost to meet your medical needs is not easy to afford. Therefore, the non-profit local Philadoptables offered to pay part of the veterinary costs for Lady Fluffernutter and Chunk Norris to get a fast home, as well as the Art City Vets veterinary hospital, which also contributed to this cause.

Chunk underwent one less surgery on one of his eyes and is now ready to move to a new home with his sister. Each time they spend their days in the shelter, both begin to feel more comfortable and encourage them to show their personalities.

Meanwhile, these chubby brothers are still waiting for a family to adopt them and accompany them on the path of good health to lose weight and better their health. New caregivers should be responsible for these cute kittens that need special care. Lady Fluffernutter and Chunk Norris expect a family.


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