Dogs portrayed as supermodels in the cute and funny 20 photos of Kaylee Greer (Dog Breath Photography)


Kaylee Greer is a Boston pet photographer who has gained international recognition with her photos of dogs (and cats). Although he prefers to take photos in natural environments, his images have a very impressive style that makes animals look like supermodels; However, although some are dogs that he portrays on request, others are abandoned dogs that he helps to find an adoptive family.

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And, above all, the photographer has always been a dog lover, and that is why with her photos she intends to tell the story of each dog in particular with a single photo, capturing her personality, her spirit, and her soul. To achieve its particular style, Kaylee uses artificial lighting with professional portable flashes and, in many cases, the use of wide-angle lenses.


As you can see, his photos are a great example of how the best way to portray dogs is to catch up. If your style sounds vibrant and full of color, it is, in large part, because Kaylee has won several international awards of the genre, such as the Dog Photographer of the Year 2017 in the category ‘ Dogs at Play ‘ with the photo you have above.


His popularity and the involvement he has with pets is such that he came to star in (next to his own dog) ‘ Pupparazzi ‘, a three-episode reality show that aired on National Geographic Wild (USA) last year and where he showed how works


We leave you with a selection of photos of him, but first, a video that shows a bit of his work helping dog-friendly associations to find adoptive families for them. A laudable work that we can only applaud.

















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