Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After He Realizes He’s Being Rescued


Animal rescuers have seen them in the worst conditions imaginable, and they always try to do their best to restore their health. However, even if you have seen everything, sometimes you continue to be horrified by certain examples of animal ab-use. But that does not discourage them in their work, because nothing more satisfying than seeing these dogs and cats recover from adversity, heal and find a home. In this case, Dallas DogRRR employees were proud to see how their hard work paid off.

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The animal rescue group Dallas Dog RRR has shown how the life of an ab-used dog changed after being rescued

Recently, Dallas DogRRR shared the story of a mistreated dog named Sanford. After the unfortunate animal was found by Animal Control, he was taken to a municipal shelter where he spent an entire week without receiving any medical assistance, which he desperately needed.

When Dallas DogRRR employees saw Sanford, they described him as broken. And the dog not only had injuries from being run over he had also been shot and had a bullet lodged in his body.

The wounded animal could not even walk, and they had him in the shelter waiting for his turn to be slaughtered. The organization described the situation as “absolutely sick” and promised to save him.

When Sanford was brought to the vet, none of his injuries were fatal or extremely dangerous. However, Sanford was already 10 years old and it showed on his face that he had had a bad time.

After being rescued, Sanford kept smiling

Everything changed after receiving treatment and being taken to his new foster home with Karen Velazquez.

Since Sanford entered his house, he realized that he was in a safe place, and that made him very happy. As Karen said to The Dodo: “Since then she hasn’t stopped smiling. I think when he got to my house he saw that it was a safe place for him.

However, his story is not over as he is waiting to find a foster home: “It will be a family dog. It gets along well with humans and other dogs, and even children, ” Dallas director DogRRR told The Dodo.

If you want to support the organization to continue helping save animals, you can make a donation here.

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