Blind dog receives guide dog after losing eyes due to glaucoma (20+ Photos)


Humans, dogs are very helpful to us. They have millions of uses in our society: they help us emotionally, they guide us, and help us deliver. To argue, they are no substitute for what is provided for us. But it turns out that dogs don’t see much difference between species, and they are as good-natured and helpful to other breeds as they are to humans. Tao, a 12-year-old golden retriever whose eyes were surgically removed due to glaucoma, and Oko, his trusted helper, are proof of that.

Melania Jackson, a Tao-loving owner, explained how it all happened. Last year, Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye disease where the eye cannot drain its fluids effectively. The disease progressed unexpectedly and rapidly. One morning, Tao seems to be doing well, but in the evening, he starts shaking his head (dogs do this when they are in pain), and after only a few hours, he is blind in one eye. Done and his eye disappeared. In January, he lost his other eye and had to have it removed.



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Tao was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost both eyes. Despite his sight, he recovered quickly and was happy again

But the dog recovered quickly. Just three days later, he was walking straight up the stairs himself and was able to get out. The dog looked happy. But something was missing. Tao needed to play with someone and keep him company, especially since he had lost his sight.

Tao’s health is really good now. He’s not in pain, and to say he’s almost 12 years old, he works like a little dog! Melania told the board panda,” He did what he did other than jump the grass bales and jump over the hedges. We walk 8 miles a day and they still train most of the day.

Oko, only 8 weeks old, clicked with Tao and became its leader

Oko, enter another golden recovery. He was only 8 weeks old when he came to Melanie, but the dog pair immediately. Just clicked and since then they have become inseparable. Oko has unknowingly become a guide dog for other dogs. They follow Tao Oko when they walk, and they sleep together. At the same time, the owner is training Tao to follow Oko so that he does not get in trouble. “Oko is being trained by me. If that doesn’t happen, he will take Tao into immorality because he is a normal looking dog. Tao is being trained to follow Oko’s scent and Oko and listen. And to respond to my orders, ‘Stop, wait, go to the right, go to the left.’

Oko is now about 17 weeks old, and apparently, he’s used to his new role. Mail, the owner, also raised a cause of glaucoma awareness in dogs. He has worked with the Kennel Club, which has used Tao’s DNA to help identify the authenticity of other dogs’ glaucoma. It can be prevented if diagnosed early. Ever since this news, the internet has just fallen in love with this newly formed couple, and to show that they have solid followers of their 30k. If you support this healthy couple, make sure you follow them on the social media mentioned above.

To meet the amazing personalities of the two dogs: “Tao is a 100% mother’s son – he is always close and he is like my little shadow. He likes to be happy and his favorite thing is perfume work. He still scents balls in hedges and fields and likes to find his toys when I hide them in the garden or at home.

Oko was bred by a fantastic Cornwall breeder 3 We always planned to raise another baby after losing Tao’s brother Oates to cancer 3 years ago, but he lost his sight. And because of the training with Tao, we had to focus until it was right.

Tao is an amazing dog and is loved by everyone we meet. He is known locally and people often ask if he can take a selfie with him.



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