20 adorable kittens posing for the camera showing off their little teeth


The way pets learn to communicate with their owners is truly incredible. And it is that there are many of them who get to understand so much with their humans that they really create affective bonds with them, and they always try to be present before us at any cost.
However, we can say that among cats and dogs, felines are quite particular pets, who have their unique and incredible way of telling us things, and one of them is showing their little teeth, making more than one melt.

Because of this, some of the people who have kittens at home wanted to share the cutest and most adorable images of them on Reddit, in which their kittens are seen showing their emotions through what many have called their smiles of the form as spontaneous as possible.


And that is why today we wanted to make a compendium of the 20 most adorable photographs of these little felines captured by their owners involuntarily showing their cute cat teeth.

#1 Humana please don’t take that shower, you’re in danger!

#2 For those who have never seen it, here we introduce you to the vampire cat for the first time.

#3 It seems that someone did not wake up in a very good mood today.

#4 Since he was just a baby kitten he sleeps in the same position showing his little teeth.

#5 One of my cats trying to scare me and the other looking at him like he looks like a fool.

#6 When my human gives me his blessing, I show him my love with my little teeth.

#7 Apparently this little feline had his tail stepped on and he is very angry about it.

#8 Here, lazily yawning from my human’s window.

#9 He wanted to look fierce, but he’s still a cute kitty.

#10 This is the expression we all make when we know that tomorrow is Monday.

#11 Every morning when my cat wakes up he makes this expression until I serve him his food.

#12 Let’s see pussy, smile for mommy’s camera.

#13 After spending the whole night screaming and drawing attention, he falls completely exhausted in his owners’ bed.

#14 Karen I told you that I don’t like being woken up when I take a nap.

#15 It seems that a little friend around here is very bored of being locked up.

#16 When you fall into a sleep so deep that you open your mouth and show all your teeth.

#17 Please open the window, I promise I’ll be a good boy and I won’t jump!

#18 It can’t be Karen, tonight you’re going to party again when you have to study.

#19 This is the face of many of us when we know that we have to stop early to go to work.

#20 Look at me human, I’m not a cat, I’m a very ferocious lion.

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